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Père Lachaise Cemetery - Cimetière du Père Lachaise

The largest cemetery in the city of Paris. Petrucciani sleeps here. Chopin, Bizet, Balzac and Moliere were also buried. Yves Montand recently was buried. The Communards' Wall (Mur des Federes) is also located in the cemetery. Many tourists visit here.

Access : subway 2 line or 3 line - Père Lachaise station Central entrance : on bd. de Ménilmontant

These are "POISSON"'s comments.
Map - Plan Illustré Du Père Lachaise: I recommend that you buy this map at the central entrance of cemetery or the kiosk. (2.5 euro - January in 2006)

Petrucciani's grave

Isabelle, his wife, who died March in 2005, sleep also here.

Chopin's grave. It's located near Michel's grave.

The touristes take the picture of Michel's grave.

I took this picture from the front of Chopin's grave.

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