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Date With Time

Album Information

Album Name Date With Time

Performance Information

Performance Date Performance Place Performance Form Musical Instrument
Dec. 15, 1981 France, Paris Piano solo

Player Information

Player Player's Birthday Player's Date Of Death
1 Michel Petrucciani (p) Dec. 28, 1962 Jan. 6, 1999

Music Information Track: 6

Music Name Time Composer
1 Santa Barbara 6'41 Michel Petrucciani
2 Afro Blue 5'24 John Coltrane
3 Round About Midnight 10'02 Thelonious Monk
4 Memphis Green 5'30 Charles Loyd
5 Mike Pee 10'15 Michel Petrucciani
6 Bumpin'On The Sunset 5'40 Wes Montgomery

Recording Information

Recording Engineer Recording Studio
Clementi Ziegler Acousti Studio

Edit Information

Date Degital Mastering EngineerDegital Mastering Studio
Jun. 1991 France, Paris Jean-Paul Darras Ramses Stdio

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