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Michel Petrucciani

Album Information

Album Name Michel Petrucciani

Performance Information

Performance Date Performance Place Performance Form Musical Instrument
Apr. 3, 4, 1981 Netherlands Piano Trio

Player Information

Player Player's Birthday Player's Date Of Death
1 Michel Petrucciani (p) Dec. 28, 1962 Jan. 6, 1999
2 Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (b) Jul. 12, 1944 -
3 Aldo Romano (ds) Jan. 1941 -

Music Information Track: 6

Music Name Time Composer
1 Hommage A Enelram Atsning 4'20 Michel Petrucciani
2 Days Of Wine And Roses 7'15 Henry Mancini
3 Christmas Dreams 7'09 Aldo Romano
4 Juste Un Moment 6'00 Michel Petrucciani
5 Gattito 6'06 Aldo Romano
6 Cherokee 6'33 Ray Noble

Recording Information

Recording Engineer Recording Studio
Yann Willen Spitsbergen Studio

Edit Information

Date Degital Mastering EngineerDegital Mastering Studio
France Pascal Bod Universal Music Studio

Produce Information 1

Producer Label
Jean-Jacques Pussiau Owl

Produce Information 2

Bernard Amiard Gilles Ehrmann

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