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  • Bernard Benguigui - Tour manager.
  • Rachid Bthn - Michel's step child. MaryLaure Roperch's child. Michel created a song of "Rachid".
  • Gilda Buttà - Michel's 2nd wife. Italian classic pianist.New !

  • Edouard Detmer - He drew a tile in Place Michel Petrucciani. Producer of album "Flashback".New !
  • Francis Dreyfus - Producer. He found Dreyfus jazz label.
  • Trox Drohart - Drummer. Michel's friend. He called to Michel in the United States. Real name is Richard Scott.New !

  • Bernard Ivain - Agent

  • Isabelle Mailé - Michel's 3rd wife. dead March in 2005.
  • Erlinda Montano - Michel's 1st wife.New !
  • Riccardo Muti - Conductor of Italy. When he was in l'Orchestra della Scala di Milano, he and Michel planed at their project.

  • Thierry Pérémarti - Friend. Journalist.
  • Alexandre Petrucciani - Michel's child. MaryLaure Roperch's child.
  • Gneviève Peyrègne - Michel's manager. (in 1984)

  • Manhu Roche - Michel's friend. Drummer. In 1975, he met Michel. His brother, guitarist, Philippe Roche introduced him to Michel. In those day, he was doing railroad-related work. Michel discoverd his talent of drum.
  • Philippe Roche - Guitarist. He met Michel ,because he played with Tony Petrucciani. Brother of Manhu Roche.
  • MaryLaure Roperch - Michel's girl friend. Mother of Alexandre. Her birthday is September 2nd. Michel dedicated "September 2nd" to her.

  • Denis Tourrenc - Michel's friend. He lives at Montelimar in France. His wife is daughter of Nicolas de Staël.

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