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Album Information

Album Name Flashback

Performance Information

Performance Date Performance Place Performance Form Musical Instrument
1989,1990 Duo, Piano, Bass

Player Information

Player Player's Birthday Player's Date Of Death
1 Michel Petrucciani (p) Dec. 28, 1962 Jan. 6, 1999
2 Louis Petrucciani (double b)

Music Information Track: 8

Music Name Time Composer
1 Someday My Prince Will Come 5'02 Frank Churchill
2 Looking Up 7'10 Michel Petrucciani
3 Turn Around 5'58 Ornette Coleman
4 Autumn Leaves 7'28 Joseph Kosma
5 In A Sentimental Mood 4'38 Duke Ellington
6 Mike P Blues 7'04
7 Giant Steps 4'16 John Coltrane
8 Stella By Starlight 5'24 Victor Young

Recording Information

Recording Engineer Recording Studio
Roger Roche

Edit Information

Date Degital Mastering EngineerDegital Mastering Studio

Produce Information 1

Producer Label
Edouard Detmer Autre Distribution

Produce Information 2

DesignerPhotographer Liner notes
Sarah-Anais Achach Annie Bergougnous
Guy Le Querrec & X

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